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We are looking for funds to revive our venture to cater to Real Estate market.



Cloud Solutions»

We are developing cloud based solutions ( enterprise ) in a low cost Saas model for Financial industry


Mobile Applications Development»

We are developing mobile applications for Android, iOS with the best experience  All Social Media interactive industry


• Freshers / Freelancers needed»

We are looking for freshers or freelancers with experience in Java / PHP & MySQL.

We woud pay limited salary and best salary when we get the venture or money starts coming in the form of client revenues!



We started in 1999 and did a Secure Message venture fulltime in 2001-02 ... Try & Grow is the key mantra here!


We do not promise the sky, but provide Opportunities to get a shot at it!


About Working with us:


We have a passion for building business and relationships and earn the trust of our clients and our own people, whom we dont want to tag with just an ID number.


If you'd like to work for a multi facted, fast and dynamic organization that imbibes excellence and provides for personal growth, you are ready for Sharon Software Systems.


We will build ground up, share the wealth, provide best opportunities, and succeed!


We dont promise employment, but we make people employable!



We dont promise the moon, foreign trips or special clubs, but a superb working environment!

Do you have the required Open Source Knowledge to build world class Web2.0 solutions?


Free Training and Recruitment!


Do you have offers from big software companies, as freshers out of college but are waiting for the actual starting date, while you are idling wasting your talent? If you have 6 months time available and want to prove yourself that your skill can be utilized, contact us for a stipend based training. If you are successful, and ensure that we can deliver what customer wants, we would pay you the best in the industry.

Contact us with confidence, with your One Page Profile.



Our email:





Open Positions:



If you are experienced enough in PHP & MySQL, and are ready to work with us with no salary during this Stealth mode period (@ your home, if you have a PC & broadband net access), email us the expectations.


All you gain is experience, in working in a world class product. We woud pay when we get the venture or money starts coming in the form of client revenues!
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