Welcome to the Solutions portal of Sharon Software Systems.

What do we do?

Sharon Software Systems is a friendly and helpful company which aids in growth.

Our business model is structured after it. We want to rejuvenate a company's business growth.

We are involved in the execution of low cost off shored development. Our Infrastructure.If you are looking to invest in our company, please get in touch with us at the earliest.If you are looking for projects to be executed by us, please give a detailed description of the need (RFP) and send to us, we will get back at the earliest.  Email us at vijayashankar@sharonsoftsys.com

We are a in touch with various small software companies in US to takeover to establish an office in the capital area/Abroad. Please contact us, if the consultant-staff size of the company is less than 40.

We are also looking at a pure stock swap with the Indian offshore center (purely stock swap only basis on strong valuation, no cash!). We would like to close the deal soon.

We are starting a new venture to cater to Real Estate Solutions on the web. India Real Estate Venture

Appreciate investors, and clients support.  Contact us for a stake in rolling out in major cities in India.

We have plans of launching the service Worldwide!


Our Ventures:


Since July 2008 we are coming up with various ventures to take care of the customers business needs under a Saas platform... Contact us for more details....

Why Us?

We provide....

.Time Zone Advantage
.Quick Ramup of Resources
.Team Collaboration
.Faster Turnaround
.About 40% savings of cost - if we provide service with 30% onsite and 70% offshore

Our Solutions:

We will offer solutions for guaranteed access to any client with their provided bandwidth.Initially we will offer clients with the hosting solutions as a product. Later we will provide application services, customizing services and consultancy.We are open to work with new partners.

We understand the BPO (Knowledge Processing) is also an integral part of IT business, and owing to the infrastructure needs, we would have a limited presence initially. The manpower needed in BPO/KPO to generate the same amount of revenue would be 1:20, so the ramp up time needed would be more!

Our Products & Services:


Secure Messaging Product XCure MessageĀ®

We have developed a 324 bit encrypted alogrithm - Secure Messaging Product XCure MessageĀ® for B2B and B2C customers!

Saas based Products

We are developing products for the Internet Niche area. One of the new product we have developed is for your own customized biz newspaper with local content and advertisements to target audience selling anything online. Based on the IP of the person, a suitable content newspaper would be rendered, with catchy advertisements. To achieve this, we will concentrate working on "Viral Expansion Loops" to bring in social network style viewership. We talk Virtualization and Grid based workflow! This guarantees millions of hits and easy smooth traffic and biz conversion


We are very conversant with Open Source technologies. We can work with the Telecom space, Mobile Space - 3G and 4 G and link it with any kind of social networking. We are also trying to come up with pay as you go ERP!

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